Like other enterprises, return on investment, profitability, waste reduction and brand leadership are all important goals. But at Growers Container Company these conventional business values are overlaid with the notion that none of it means anything if we don't choose sustainable, environmentally responsible processes that will leave the world better than we found it. In short, we're trying to design packaging in a way that will benefit our planet as well as you, our customers.

We achieve this by following these practices:

  • We design packaging with consideration to minimizing the structure to product ratio.
  • We predominately use corrugated linerboard that has a significant recycled content.
  • We use water based printing inks, coatings and adhesives whenever possible
  • We partner with corrugated suppliers that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and/or Sustainability Forest Initiative (SFI) certified.
  • We market a line of flexible as well as rigid biodegradable films.
  • We recycle virtually all of our paper, plastic and wood waste.